Rich has been passionate about raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Now, since his mum Wendy passed away from breast cancer 7 years ago.

I’m a partner to my wonderful girlfriend and a dad to my little boy. In my spare time I love to be outdoors. I’ve been taking part in cycling and running events for the last 4 years, whilst raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Now. Although, since becoming a father 10 months ago, my hobbies have adapted to meet the needs of my son. 

My mum was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006  

In 2006, when mum was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she really felt like she couldn’t talk to anyone about her diagnosis. I’m sure there were services out there and people she could have got support from, but at that time, we felt like we were in the dark. I don’t want any other family to feel that way and so I’ve made it my mission to do all I can to raise awareness of the support available now. 

My mum’s secondary breast cancer diagnosis was a real shock, it came out of the blue. I still remember the way in 2015 that she told me and my brother she’d been diagnosed again. We thought her back pain was caused by her active lifestyle or work. It was 9 years after her original diagnosis and 5 years after she’d had the all clear. At the time, we were told mum could have another 10 years. She actually had 11 months. I felt blindsided - with her ongoing treatment, I had been hoping for new research that would help her. 

I still remember a comment on a wear it pink social media post, where I had told my story of how my mum’s breast cancer diagnosis had affected our family. It had prompted someone to get his partner and himself checked. That’s why I spread awareness, so someone else doesn’t lose someone they love. 

For me, taking part in wear it pink is another way to keep the memory of mum alive 

I first took part in wear it pink in 2019 by holding a raffle in my office. Everyone got stuck in, my work donated prizes and colleagues baked. In 2020 and 2021, I fundraised using social media - I asked my friends and family to post photos wearing pink and I would donate to Breast Cancer Now.  

I’ve been involved in lots of other fundraising and awareness raising campaigns at Breast Cancer Now over the past years. Whatever personality you have, there is a way of wearing it pink and taking part. You can go big or small. I recommend using social media to promote your event and get people involved. You could write a Facebook post or even write a blog about why you’re wearing it pink.  


Headshot of Rich in pink

Don’t assume people don’t want to donate, and it’s ok if people can’t 

The most important thing is that if you speak to 100 people and not everyone donates, you’ve raised breast cancer awareness with 100 people. Don’t be put off by seeing people raising large amounts. Whatever you raise, it will make a difference to people affected by breast cancer, and you should be proud. 

I’ve met such an incredible community of people through fundraising for Breast Cancer Now. I’m taking part in the 2023 Ride Essex 100 with a friend I met a few years ago, during a Breast Cancer Now cycling training session. I’ll continue to raise funds and awareness because not only is it fun, but I feel part of a community of people who are making a difference. 

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