Sarah was diagnosed in 2021 with grade 2 HER2+ve breast cancer. Being diagnosed young has made it important for her to make people aware of their 'normal'.

I’m married to my wonderful husband Adam and am a mum of 3. Family is really important to us and we spend lots of time outdoors together! Adam and I moved to Australia after getting married, and lived there for 4 years, during which time we had our 2 boys. We then moved home to be closer to family and friends and our daughter joined us! I now work as a registered hearing aid dispenser and am hoping to complete the national 3 peaks challenge later this year.  

I was diagnosed with grade 2 HER2+ve breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes, aged 36

I’d noticed a small dent in my breast one day in the shower – it looked like a deep stretch mark. A few days later I had an intense pain behind my nipple. We’d just entered another COVID-19 lockdown, but I managed to get an appointment with my GP. Following this was a mammogram, sonogram, multiple biopsies and clips being placed into both breasts and lymph nodes on both sides. Adam was only allowed into the appointment where my results were discussed, and we talked about treatment options.  

What followed was chemotherapy, a mastectomy with reconstruction, full lymph node removal, Kadcyla, radiotherapy and breast reduction.

During this time, I have made some incredible friends, that I know I will be friends with forever

Making friends with people that were going through the same treatment schedules made me feel less alone. Our circumstances may not have been ideal, but we were brought together in the hardest of times.  

Whilst I was going through my initial treatment Adam and the children (and myself when I was feeling up to it) walked, ran and cycled 400km and raised over £4,200 for Breast Cancer Now. It was something my boys Harry and Joseph decided they wanted to do to make me feel better whilst going through treatment. To say I was immensely proud of them is an absolute understatement - they made every day worth fighting for.


Sarah wearing it pink

I want to do what I can to raise awareness of breast cancer in varying ages 

Being diagnosed young and seeing so many other women that are younger than myself being diagnosed makes it all the more important to get people to be aware of their normal; and that anyone with breast tissue could potentially be diagnosed regardless of their age or gender.  

Make your wear it pink event fun

Making your event fun means more people will get involved, more money will be raised, and more people will be raising awareness – it’s time for people to stand up and take notice!  

Will you wear it pink with Sarah this October?  

Wear pink. Raise money. Help us drive forward breast cancer research and support.

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