Trudie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. She has the BRCA2 gene and has been part of Breast Cancer Now’s Generation Study since 2009.

Life changed for me after my diagnosis in 2017 

I’m passionate about travel and also about making theatre and films. I moved back to England in 2002 after having lived in Australia for 12 years and am looking forward to travelling again in the future. Life changed for me in 2017 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy followed by chemo and then radiotherapy. 

My sister and I both have the mutated gene BRCA2 

With both my parents having passed away, it's now just me and my sister, who lives just three doors away from me. My sister and I supported each other throughout our own cancer treatments, she had breast cancer and I’ve had ovarian and breast cancer. I've been a participant in Breast Cancer Now's Generation Study since 2009. 

Although cancer took five years of my life, I am a very adaptable person and have been described as pragmatic by people who know me, including the breast surgeon. I am ever so grateful to the breast surgeon and his incredible NHS breast cancer team - we are so lucky to have them! 

My garden was a huge help to me when I was ill 

Just being able to sit in a lovely outdoor space (I used the term "lovely" rather loosely, other people might describe it as organised chaos) really helps me. I have a huge vegetable patch and have just planted some new vegetables for the season. Gardening really helps to give me focus. 

The wear it pink photoshoot was a chance to do something a little bit daring 

Taking part in a photoshoot was a little out of my comfort zone, but it was great to push myself and just do it. Breast cancer can leave you feeling self-conscious about how you look, but my confidence is growing and the wear it pink photoshoot was an opportunity to show that and to get involved in a great fundraising campaign. 

My fundraising tip for wear it pink is to include competitions and games with fun prizes to win – people love to get involved!  

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