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Living with a long-term condition as a result of your breast cancer diagnosis is difficult. We know that the way your condition affects you is unpredictable, where from one day to the next you don’t know how you will feel or what you can and can’t do.

Our information and support can help you get back into exercise after breast cancer and manage your long-term conditions. 

Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s something small and new, or just that little bit more of something you already do. It all makes a difference.

15 leading health and social care charities are launching a national campaign and movement to inspire and support people with long-term health conditions to be active.

Exercise during and after breast cancer

My story: exercise and breast cancer

Sara, Rebecca and Della talk about their relationship with exercise throughout and beyond their breast cancer treatment.

Sarah running the marathon

Running was a release during treatment

Sarah Jane explains how running helped her cope with treatment and restore her feeling of control over her body.

Rebecca doing a yoga position

Yoga and secondary breast cancer

Rebecca shares how yoga helped her understand her body after a secondary diagnosis and enjoy life.

Information on exercise and breast cancer

Find tips from our bloggers and experts on exercising, whether you're returning to it after treatment, or looking to build it back into your life beyond breast cancer. 

Videos to help you get started

Exercise expert Lizzy Davis, who works on our Moving Forward course, explains how to get started with exercise after treatment.

How to build exercise into your life

Exercise helped Jackie move forward from her diagnosis. She shares her tips for exercising both during and after treatment.

Yoga exercises after breast cancer

Yoga helped Edwina after treatment ended. Watch her easy-to-follow videos on getting started with yoga.

preparing for exercise

Information on exercise and breast cancer

Read Breast Cancer Now's information pages on exercising during and after breast cancer treatment. 

Whether you start by walking down the road, jogging through the park or just taking the stairs, may exercise give you a reason to smile and an opportunity to prioritise you. Remember, when you move forward you will help inspire others to do the same.

Jackie, blogger

Managing long-term conditions

Tips for coping with lymphoedema

Tamsin developed lymphoedema after finishing chemotherapy. She shares her top tips for managing the condition.

Managing the emotional side of pain

Rebecca struggled with joint pain as a side effect of her treatment. She shares how taking care of her emotional wellbeing helps her.

Dealing with the side effects of hormone therapy

Jacqueline struggled with achy joints, nausea and dizziness due to hormone therapy. She gives her tips on managing symptoms.

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We know the need for support doesn't end when treatment does.

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