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Breast cancer is very close to my heart

After her mum’s breast cancer journey, Anna wanted to raise money for Breast Cancer Now, to support our breast cancer research and those affected. An Afternoon Tea was the perfect choice. Anna talks about her Afternoon Teas, her top tip and why fundraising is so important to her.

Mum is the strongest person I know, seeing her crumble was heart-breaking 

Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and had weeks of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a full mastectomy. Seeing her pain, fatigue and all the emotions was awful, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. 

She was so brave and strong to go through it all. Thankfully, she has now been given the all-clear and actually just had her 5-year review – a huge milestone.  

But the experience has changed our family’s life forever. It’s made us slow down and realise what’s important in life. For me, it’s made me want to help others affected by breast cancer, by fundraising and doing my bit. 

Lady holding a plate with a cupcake on it

With my love for baking, I decided to host an Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now 

I held my first annual Afternoon Tea in 2020 and haven’t stopped since. I’ve always loved baking, socialising and hosting events for family and friends, so it was a perfect fit. It’s so lovely to see your loved ones, eat good food and raise money for a cause you care about.  

Each year, my sister and I bake sweet and savoury goods, some old favourites and some new ones to try. We decorate the house too, using decorations from Breast Cancer Now’s Afternoon Tea fundraising kit. 

My biggest tip for Afternoon Tea would be to plan what you want to bake and how long things will take. That way, you’ll know if you need to bake the night before or if you have plenty of time in the morning.   

A cupcake stand and three tiered cake with chocolate coated strawberries

Breast Cancer Now is a huge part of my life 

From fundraising and signing petitions, to my studies and work, Breast Cancer Now has become a massive part of my life.  

I did a master’s degree in cancer sciences that looked at breast cancer pathogenesis and had funding from Breast Cancer Now. I’m now a research assistant at a lab in Cambridge Biomedical Campus which has also been supported by grants from the charity and others. 

Seeing this important research with funding from Breast Cancer Now, made me realise just how important it is to support and fundraise for the charity. 

Fundraising is so important 

The more research that happens, the more ground-breaking discoveries there will be, and the more lives that can be saved. 

This can only keep happening if people keep supporting amazing charities like Breast Cancer Now, that fund world-class research and life-changing support to patients and families.  

Afternoon Tea

If Anna’s story has inspired you to get involved and host your own event, learn more about Afternoon Tea and sign up, or email us at  

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