Resources are available to help you cope with a breast cancer diagnosis

It is normal to feel low, anxious, or frightened when you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and you’re likely to have good and bad days. You might also go through a phase of feeling angry, or develop symptoms of depression, which may need some form of treatment. Many people experience reactions like these when they go through cancer treatment.

If you need some additional emotional support, don’t be embarrassed to ask your breast care team for help – they are used to providing emotional support as well as treatment for your cancer. You can also ask your GP for help with coping emotionally.

Many hospitals now provide counselling services as they acknowledge that your mental health is an important part of your treatment. Counselling services can take the form of one-to-one or group therapy.

You can ask your breast care nurse for more information on counselling services available to you. They may also be able to recommend local support groups where you can talk to other people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Need more information?

For practical and emotional support you can contact Breast Cancer Care (0808 800 6000) or Macmillan Cancer Support (0808 800 0000).

If you live in Wales, you can also contact Tenovus Cancer Care (0808 808 1010) for support.

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