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We’re the research and support charity

Every 10 minutes, someone hears the words “you have breast cancer”. That's why we're here. And we always will be.

A bit about us...

We're Breast Cancer Now. We’re here to change the lives of people affected by breast cancer. How? By combining the power of research and support.

Our world-class researchers are working in labs across the UK and Ireland to create a world where the words "breast cancer" aren't met with fear. We're building a brighter future for everyone affected by breast cancer.

And because over 600,000 people are living with or beyond the disease, we’re here with support for today, too. Our helpline, health information, and support services are here for you and your loved ones. Every step of the way.

We’re the place to turn for anything and everything to do with breast cancer. Whatever you’re going through. Whoever you are. We’re here.  

What we do

  • Research

    World-class research

    The brightest minds in breast cancer are here. Making life-saving research happen in labs across the UK and Ireland.
    Right now, we’re funding 80 cutting-edge research projects worth over £27 million. Help us discover how to tackle secondary breast cancer, develop better treatments, prevent and diagnose breast cancer early, and improve people’s quality of life.
  • Support

    Life-changing support

    Support services, trusted health information and specialist nurses are here. Ready to support you, whenever you need it.
    Thousands of people turn to us every year for help navigating life with breast cancer. Whether you need expert information, or want to talk to someone who gets it, we're here.
  • Campaigns

    Leading change

    CAMPAIGN HOP _MGL1798.jpg
    Dedicated campaigners are here. Fighting for the best possible treatment, services and care for anyone affected by breast cancer.
    We're a force it be reckoned with. We work with people affected by breast cancer to make sure your voices are heard by the government, NHS, drug companies and beyond.
  • Fundraising

    Be a part of it

    Our supporters are here. Giving their time, talent and passion to make our work possible.
    From cake bakers and bingo nighters, to sky divers and mountain climbers. You can make a difference your way by raising money for our research and support.