Fay Field

In this episode, we’re talking to Fay, who talks about struggling with sex and intimacy in the months following her treatment.  

23 January 2020 Personal story

Steph fundraising

After receiving care and information from Breast Cancer Now following a primary diagnosis, Steph has put on some incredible fundraisers so that people like her can get the support they need. 

21 February 2020 Personal story


In July 2018, Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost exactly a year later, she took part in the Peak District Ultra Challenge. 

20 February 2020 Personal story

Emi body confidence

During her treatment for primary breast cancer, Emi felt numb. However, when her emotions began to return, she discovered new feelings of love and respect for her body.  

18 February 2020 Personal story

Steve and Melanie

Steve and his wife Melanie had only been married for four months when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is how they coped. 

14 February 2020 Personal story

Lizzie and Addie discuss exercise

This week, we are sharing our Facebook Live chat with our Clinical Nurse Specialist, Addie. She is joined by Lizzy Davies, a cancer exercise specialist.

13 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now representatives meet with Matt Hancock

Last year, we launched a campaign demanding change for people affected by secondary breast cancer. We look at some of the results of the campaign so far. 

12 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Loverose lingerie models

Following a double mastectomy and reconstruction, Caroline felt there was a gap in the market for post-surgery lingerie. She decided to build her own brand, LoveRose lingerie. 

11 February 2020 Personal story

Carl Orme and his mum

To support his mum and the research that has helped her through two breast cancer diagnoses, Carl is raising £20,000 for Breast Cancer Now. 

7 February 2020 Personal story

Judy Coulson and Valeria Marotta

To recognise International Day of Women and Girls in Science and all the amazing female scientists we work with, we spoke to Professor Judy Coulson and Valeria Marotta about their work and what inspires them.

6 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now