Rhianwen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year

Rhianwen was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her treatment has been affected. Here is how she is coping.

5 May 2020 Personal story

Charles with his mum Eilidh

When Charles’ mum Eilidh was diagnosed with cancer, he promised to be there for her. He shares how her diagnosis showed him how resilient his mum was.  

15 October 2020 Personal story


Elen writes about her secondary breast cancer diagnosis, the moment that her ‘dragon’ returned. She explains why she refuses to let her cancer define her.

13 October 2020 Personal story

Researcher Clare Isacke and her team

In a study, funded by Breast Cancer Now, researchers found a gene that may help breast cancer spread to the brain.

9 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Pressing play on breast cancer services

We explain the actions that need to be taken to ensure that we can move forwards from the disruption caused to breast cancer services by the pandemic.

9 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Louisa during treatment

Louisa was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in April 2017. She shares why it’s important to know the signs of breast cancer, and how yoga nidra and breathing exercises helped her cope with her diagnosis.

8 October 2020 Personal story

Eva and her daughter Jane

Eva has worked at M&S for over 20 years, supporting their partnership with Breast Cancer Now whenever she could. She shares how her family became even more involved with the partnership after her own diagnosis of breast cancer. 

8 October 2020 Personal story

Elen with her son

Elen writes to her ‘dragon’ - the name she calls her breast cancer. She shares her experience with primary breast cancer and how it changed her outlook on life.

5 October 2020 Personal story

Breast screening

Breast screening programmes were paused in March because of Covid-19. Screening has since restarted, but an estimated 1 million women missed their screening appointment. 

5 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Georgina smiling with her cat

Georgina had no history of breast cancer in her family and believed that she was too young to develop the disease when she was diagnosed. 

2 October 2020 Personal story