Dr Irshad

Dr Sheeba Irshad, clinical deputy head of the Breast Cancer Now Research Unit at Kings College London, answers some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Oa, who is white and has short, dark blonde hair, holds up a littlelifts box beside her husband, Greg. Both of them are smiling.

Oa set up littlelifts as a way of supporting people in active cancer treatment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she is still making sure people feel cared for. 

23 April 2021 Personal story

Laura and her baby

Five years ago, Laura found out she had breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. Tune in as she reflects on how her diagnosis impacted her, as well as how she has been able to move forward in the time since.

22 April 2021 Personal story

Professor Andy Sewell in his lab

It's thanks to your support that our researchers can continue to find new ways to prevent breast cancer, save lives and make sure people live well with and beyond the disease. 

22 April 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Julia, who is white and has blonde hair, poses happily with her husband and their children. Everyone is dressed smartly outside a church.

Julia Wilkin, a mother of two grown-up children, was diagnosed with breast cancer just as the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

22 April 2021 Personal story

A split image - first showing Danni smiling with her grandmother, and then another picture of Danni's other grandmother and her husband sitting together and smiling on a chair

As a teenager, Danni felt helpless when she saw how treatment affected her grandmothers. Over time, she learned how to show them she cared. 

20 April 2021 Personal story

dozens of pills of all shapes and sizes spread out on a counter

A new targeted drug for treating breast cancer that has spread has been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for use on the Cancer Drugs Fund.

20 April 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Beth, who has dark hair and wears sunglasses, smiles with her two young daughters

When Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer at  33, she struggled to find other patients her age. After joining the Younger Women Together course, she was able to find the support she needed.

19 April 2021 Personal story

gina and her partner

Gina was offered a single mastectomy with reconstruction after her breast cancer diagnosis in May last year but has regrets about the outcome. Here is what she wishes she knew before getting her surgery. 

16 April 2021 Personal story

a split image - first, showing a model with the breast cancer ribbon painted on their back, and second, a model painted in ornate reds, blues and golds

Victoria Gugenheim is a world-famous body painter, and has worked on some astounding projects. More recently, they have been working with breast cancer patients in order to raise money and awareness. 

14 April 2021 Personal story