Microscope and scientific equipment

In this podcast, we give you a quick insight into three of our current research projects and how they impact people affected by breast cancer.

27 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and pressures on the NHS mean some breast clinic appointments are not going ahead as planned.

2 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Claire Myerson smiling

In this special episode, we hear from Claire, a secondary breast cancer patient who wants a better understanding of her condition in the medical field. 

1 April 2020 Personal story

David standing in front of a field of cows

In 2015, David found out he was one of approximately 370 men in the UK to develop breast cancer each year. Here, he tells us about his experience. 

1 April 2020 Personal story


Our Campaigns team give you an update on patient access to bisphosphonates and the impact our campaigning has had on NHS Trusts. 

31 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Helpline staff

Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Murphy answers common questions about breast cancer and the coronavirus (Covid-19).

30 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now


When Catrin was diagnosed with breast cancer she felt like life had ‘derailed’. She tells us what helped her get back on track and move forward.

27 March 2020 Personal story

Anikka and her little boy

When Anikka was diagnosed, she worried about her fertility. However, she has since gone on to start a family, as well as a business that helps other women like her.

27 March 2020 Personal story

Woman using a colouring book near a window

If you don’t have a lot of opportunity to go outside, here are some tips for keeping yourself active. 

25 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now Facebook Live

In this episode, we speak to two of our Someone Like Me volunteers. Both of them have had breast cancer, and now give their time to others in similar situations to them. 

25 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now