Research round-up

We look at three projects we’re funding to help improve the lives of women with breast cancer.

Personal story | 19 September 2019

Photograph of Liz

Liz shares her experience of returning to work as a breast surgeon after her own diagnosis, and why she’s now an ambassador for Working with Cancer.

Personal story | 21 October 2019


Esther shares how Breast Cancer Now’s services helped her reclaim her life after her diagnosis in 2013.

Personal story | 16 October 2019


Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer three times before she turned 30. She shares how she’s kept her sense of self while living with secondary breast cancer. 

Personal story | 15 October 2019

Amanda Mealing

Actor and Breast Cancer Now ambassador Amanda Mealing struggled with the anxiety disorder PTSD after her breast cancer diagnosis. She explains why it’s so important to find the right emotional support for you. 

Personal story | 11 October 2019

Photograph of Emi from her photoshoot

Before cancer, Emi struggled with her body image. She explains why her relationship with her body is now better than ever, and shares tips for women struggling with their body image after treatment. 

Personal story | 9 October 2019

Dr Georgette Oni

Breast Surgeon Georgette Oni is hosting ‘Let’s Talk About… Black Women and Breast Cancer’ on 26 October, 2019. She shares why this event is so important for raising awareness.


Personal story | 4 October 2019

Farida and Julie

As part of M&S and Breast Cancer Now’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, 11 women share their stories of the surprising and invaluable support they received after a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Personal story | 2 October 2019


Claire shares how her experience as a life model has helped her accept her body after surgery.

Personal story | 24 September 2019


Sara found writing helped her move on after treatment. Now she wants her writing to help others through their own diagnosis.

Personal story | 12 September 2019