Amaya during treatment

Our recent survey reveals that 47% of women in the UK do not check their breasts regularly. We explain why it’s important to check for signs of breast cancer.  

26 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

A male researcher using a pipette

Scientists have discovered a molecular link between obesity and breast cancer, and identified a treatment that could help to prevent breast cancer developing.

10 December 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Nick Orr with his research team, all in lab coats

We’ve worked hard to press play on breast cancer research this year, making sure vital breakthroughs don’t stop.

9 December 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Ann, whose head is shaved, reads a book to her daughter

When Ann lost her hair due to chemotherapy, she found it difficult. Now it’s grown back, she’s planning on shaving her head to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. 

8 December 2020 Personal story

Fran, a young woman, in a hospital bed after surgery

Fran was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer this year. She shares why she wants to raise awareness of cancer in younger people, and why she is determined to live her life.

7 December 2020 Personal story

Joy Knott

Joy Knott has been living with secondary breast cancer since 2011. She tells us about the difficulties she faced getting diagnosed and the importance of being aware of the symptoms of secondary breast cancer. 

4 December 2020 Personal story

Woman looking worried

It’s normal to be worried while waiting for results of a breast biopsy. Breast Care Nurse Eve Smith explains how long results usually take and what you can do to manage anxiety.

2 December 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Kate smiling with her two little boys

Kate had a three-year-old boy and another little one on the way when she found out she had breast cancer. Here’s how our Someone Like Me service helped her through. 

30 November 2020 Personal story

Molecular clock diagram

Researchers have developed a ‘molecular clock’ blood test that can track the growth of multiple tumours around the body to help identify the most actively growing tumours and guide treatment.

27 November 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Image showing the 'press play' text with 'play' symbols

Since September, we’ve been calling on the UK Government to commit funding for breast cancer in the Spending Review.

26 November 2020 Breast Cancer Now