Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Two researchers, a younger man and an older woman, stand in the lab

Researchers based at the University of Oxford have discovered a way to boost the effectiveness of a new type of drug which is currently being tested for breast cancer.

22 December 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A molecular biology laboratory bench with various test tubes, test tube holders, and pipettes. Equipment like this can be used to carry out PCR tests.

People who are at most risk of becoming seriously ill if they get COVID-19 can now have drug treatments to try to reduce their symptoms. This includes people over 50 and people with breast cancer.

20 December 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A white male scientist examines samples under a microscope

It’s been an incredible year of research here at Breast Cancer Now. In this blog, we pick out our favourite research breakthroughs of the year.

8 December 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A woman stands near a busy London road with a megaphone

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some of the key issues we’ve been campaigning on this year, as well as some big wins we’ve secured together. 

6 December 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Louise, a white woman, wears a headscarf and glasses. She is standing in front of a wall of photographs.

Louise found out she had breast cancer after a routine scan last December and began treatment just before Christmas. She reflects on the toughest parts of the last year, and how she hopes to keep moving forward. 

6 December 2021 Personal story

Chris and Miriam, an older couple, enjoying a day at a stony beach. They are both sporting blue caps and wide smiles.

Chris’ wife, Miriam, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. When she began supporting others after her treatment, Chris realised that he wanted to help support their partners.

4 December 2021 Personal story

A split image, first showing Jenny, a white woman with short brown hair, getting her first chemotherapy treatment in hospital. The second picture shows Jenny sporting a shaved head and a broad smile.

When Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2019, her treatment went by in a blur. After it was finished, she suddenly felt lost. 

3 December 2021 Personal story

A close up picture of, Nicky, a young white woman with long blonde hair.

Despite multiple visits to GPs, Nicky was told for more than a year that the change in her breast was nothing to worry about. She tells us about her frustration, her eventual diagnosis, and how she's coping now.

30 November 2021 Personal story

In the foreground, we see the back of an older man's head. Opposite him in the background is an older women. The two are sitting on chairs, apparently in conversation.

How our volunteers are helping to identify the needs and struggles of those supporting men with breast cancer.

29 November 2021 Breast Cancer Now