Research round-up

We look at three projects we’re funding to help improve the lives of women with breast cancer.

Personal story | 19 September 2019

Sue and Ade discussing living with lymphoedema

Tune in to our podcast focusing on living with lymphoedema.

Breast Cancer Now | 2 May 2019

A woman wearing sun screen

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment. Our nurse, Rachel, suggests ways to look after your skin and stay comfortable in the heat this summer.

Breast Cancer Now | 2 May 2019

This is the second year in a row I have taken part in the Cotswolds Challenge and I have previously taken part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Having a personal connection to breast cancer and the importance of fundraising, it really is a pleasure to spend the weekend with such inspiring people. 

| 1 May 2019

As part of this year’s #BosomBuddies themed campaign, we’re sharing the stories of 13 incredible women. We’d like to introduce Natalie and Sue, Chantele and Lily, Rachel and Lesley, Mary, Ellie and Lauren, Jan and Val, Clover and Sue.

Below we highlight three of these's women's inspirational stories. They’ll be sharing the different ways breast cancer has affected and impacted them, and why their relationship with their Bosom Buddy is so important. 

| 1 May 2019

Rebecca shares her tips

Rebecca struggled with joint pain as a side effect of her treatment. She shares how taking care of her emotional wellbeing helps her manage her pain. 

Personal story | 1 May 2019

Image of Alice-May

Bal, Alice-May and Kaz share their experiences of going back to work after their breast cancer treatment. 

Personal story | 30 April 2019

Bal returned to work after her diagnosis

If you’ve had to take time off work during breast cancer treatment, when or whether you return can depend on a number of things. We look at your rights and your employer’s responsibilities. 

Breast Cancer Now | 29 April 2019

Tackling workforce shortages

The breast imaging and diagnostic workforce is under extreme pressure with high vacancy rates, ever increasing patient demand and a large number of anticipated retirements. 

| 26 April 2019

 Find out more about their inspiration, motivation and biggest fears below.

Kerrie Trickett-Smith, Section Coordinator, M&S Kingstown, Carlisle

Why did you sign up to the marathon?

A colleague from work saw a Yammer post and tagged me saying “I think this is something you could do”  I was 100%... yes!

What does running for Breast Cancer Now mean to you?

I lost a dear friend through breast cancer and I know she would be proud of me doing this.

| 26 April 2019