Karin Sieger

We speak to Karin about dealing with her recurrence and how she supports others with their mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

5 December 2019 Personal story


Georgie was unprepared for how she would feel after her mastectomy. She shares how she has been learning to accept the changes to her body.

20 May 2019 Personal story

Lucie at her wedding

Lucie was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2016. She shares her difficulties in navigating her cancer between her ‘two worlds’.

16 May 2019 Personal story

Frances on her Afternoon Tea

Frances hosted her Afternoon Tea after recieving support from Breast Cancer Care during her treatment.  

15 May 2019 Personal story


This Mental Health Awareness Week, Karin explains how mindfulness can help after a breast cancer diagnosis and offers some exercises for you to try.

14 May 2019 Personal story

Women with secondary breast cancer attending our campaign workshop

Laura Ashurst was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 11 years ago. She tells us why she joined our Secondary Breast Cancer Campaign Group.

13 May 2019 Personal story

Rachel and her nieces

Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2018, and took part in a Pink Ribbon Walk to give her something to focus on during her treatment.

13 May 2019 Personal story

Joanna was diagnosed with a faulty BRCA gene at the age of 24, meaning her chances of developing breast cancer were high.

13 May 2019

The Eurovision song contest is fast approaching. Here's how you can use the event as an opportunity for a fun-filled fundraiser!

9 May 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Cassie and her husband

When Cassie finished breast cancer treatment in April 2018, she knew she wanted to mark the occasion by doing something different.

9 May 2019 Personal story