Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Lucy and her mum, Lin, sit side-by-side on the sofa smiling.

Emma’s last wish was to raise money so that other people wouldn’t go through the same experience as her. Lin and Lucy, Emma’s mum and sister, tell us more about Emma’s legacy, as well as how they are honouring her wish. 

15 March 2022 Personal story

Two images of Nicole, a young woman: first looking tired and unwell in her hospital bed, then happy and bright later on at home

Nicole was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 27. She speaks about losing her mum to the disease, and her hopes of one day becoming a mum herself. 

14 March 2022 Personal story

skylar feat

Skylar was only 12 when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the news had a huge impact on her life. Later on, she began to question her own risk of developing the disease. 

8 March 2022 Personal story

Rosamund and Jonathan standing together outside with their two children

Last year, we spoke with Rosamund and her husband, Jonathan, about her recent breast cancer diagnosis and how the two of them were managing things alongside being parents to their young children.

7 March 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A woman in a black shirt clasps the left side of her chest with both hands

Breast Cancer Now Voices is helping researchers at the Sheffield Hallam University understand how women experience and live with breast or trunk lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment

7 March 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Julie, a young woman with curly brown hair pushed back by a bandana. She has pale skin, hazel eyes, and is wearing a pink jacket.

When Julie was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer during lockdown, she wanted to do something to ensure both she and her son stayed healthy and happy – so she took on a challenge. 

7 March 2022 Personal story

Gaby, a woman with short black hair, brown eyes and glasses

When Gaby was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she found comfort in Breast Cancer Now’s Forum. Even now, several years on, she still uses it to connect with others. 

4 March 2022 Personal story

Fiona, a white woman with cropped grey hair styled into a quiff. She smiles while wearing red lipstick.

Fiona was already seeking help for her mental health when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but found the support for this was sidelined when she began treatment.

2 March 2022 Breast Cancer Now

The government is planning to launch a new 10-year cancer plan, which will determine the long term approach to cancer services in England. To help shape their new vision, the Department of Health and Social Care is asking people affected by cancer to share their views by completing a survey.  

1 March 2022