Amaya during treatment

Our recent survey reveals that 47% of women in the UK do not check their breasts regularly. We explain why it’s important to check for signs of breast cancer.  

26 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Kerry on her bike in the woods, wearing breast cancer now gear

When Kerry's close friend died from breast cancer, she put her all into fundraising in her memory. She shares how she's still fundraising during the coronavirus crisis. 

31 August 2020 Personal story

Rebecca for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Three years after her primary diagnosis when she was 25, Rebecca was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. She talks about how she told her children, and why clothes and makeup helped her cope. 

27 August 2020 Personal story

Cath Kidston Afternoon Tea

We spoke to our lovely friends at Cath Kidston about all things Afternoon Tea.

21 August 2020 Personal story

Rosie organised an Afternoon Tea

Rosie organised an Afternoon Tea collection to bring a smile to her community in these difficult times.

19 August 2020 Personal story

Sarah sits in her garden with a cup of tea

Sarah discovered she had breast cancer shortly after her father was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. She found staying active, along with support from her running community, help her cope.

19 August 2020 Personal story

Victoria McCarthy training

Victoria was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2019, but she refuses to be held back by it. She shares how her diagnosis encouraged her to start running.  

17 August 2020 Personal story

close up of lesley's face, she is smiling while the wind blows her hair

When Lesley was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, her first thought was for her children. During treatment, she tried her hardest to continue ‘as normal’ - even when she struggled to get out of bed.

14 August 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Understanding the genetics of male breast cancer

Scientists largely funded by Breast Cancer Now have discovered three new genetic changes that increase the risk of breast cancer in men, furthering our understanding of this form of the disease.

12 August 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Afternoon Tea tips

Our Afternoon Teas will have to look quite different this year, so we wanted to share some inspiration and tips to help you organise an Afternoon Tea and keep everyone safe.

12 August 2020 Breast Cancer Now