PUBLISHED ON: 9 May 2019

When Cassie finished breast cancer treatment in April 2018, she knew she wanted to mark the occasion by doing something different, and asked a friend to join her in playing the violin at the top of Ben Nevis.

Cassie and her husband

I was in shock when I was told I had breast cancer. It never even entered my mind for a minute that I would be diagnosed. It was like being hit by a lorry.

Walking and exercise helped me start feeling like myself again. I just wanted to get back to being me.

After finishing my hospital based treatment, I took the four hour trek up the mountain with a violin on my back in September 2018 (I bought a pink one for the occasion)

It was pouring with rain and when we got to the top it was so wet the bows were sliding all over the place. It wasn’t the best playing but it was an achievement!

Cassie on top of the mountain

It kept me going to think about what I had been through. I told myself if I can cope with that then climbing a mountain should be easy.

Right now I’m pretty confident that I can do just about anything if I set my mind to it. I would love to do the Inca Trail in Peru.

Cassie is taking part in a Pink Ribbon Walk in association with Skechers. Join her and show your support for everyone affected by breast cancer.

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