Dr Irshad

Dr Sheeba Irshad, clinical deputy head of the Breast Cancer Now Research Unit at Kings College London, answers some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

International Nurses Day

To recognise International Nurses Day and the incredible nurses working with us here at Breast Cancer Now, we spoke to them about the challenges and achievements they've faced over the last year.

7 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Nisha, a young brown woman with curly black hair, poses in her Fashion Targets Breast Cancer tee. She has a tattoo covering one forearm and wears bright nail polish and lipstick.

Nisha had a double mastectomy two days after her 30th birthday. Though surgery and treatment have changed her body, she is working to embrace her new image. 

7 May 2021 Personal story

Fran, a young woman, in a hospital bed after surgery

Last year, at the age of 25, Fran was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. In the space of nine months, she's undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brain surgery - all with a positive attitude.

6 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Fran, a young woman with curly dark blond hair, smiles widely

Growing up, Fran sometimes had a difficult relationship with her body. Her secondary breast cancer diagnosis tested her even further, but now she has a newfound confidence. 

6 May 2021 Personal story

A large crowd of Actwell participants

In collaboration with others, Breast Cancer Now has supported research into helping women make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to reduce breast cancer risk. 

5 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Julia, a white woman with curly brown hair, is at the seaside. She sits with her legs hanging over the water. She is smiling.

Julia underwent several unexpected hospital treatments when she had breast cancer. She learned how to let herself be cared for, and how to better care for others. 

30 April 2021 Personal story

Tracey, a slim white woman with bobbed hair, smiles alongside the rest of the Breast Cancer Now Cardiff team

Tracey was a beloved member of the Breast Cancer Now team in Cardiff. Even after she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, she continued helping others with the condition. 

30 April 2021 Breast Cancer Now

The 'bra sisters', Kate and Sarah, sit side by side and laugh while holding up a number of bras

Kate and Sarah met through a mutual friend after they were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. As well as supporting one another through treatment, they also started a company that specialises in post-mastectomy lingerie.

29 April 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Close up of a microscope

Have you ever wondered how scientists discover new drugs? In this blog, we explore the journey research takes from the initial questions to new drugs.  

28 April 2021 Breast Cancer Now