Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A person sits at a desk behind a laptop. Next to them is a Breast Cancer Now leaflet.

After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Anisa became detached from ‘normal’ life. In her Office Volunteer role with Breast Cancer Now, she’s starting to feel comfortable again.

5 July 2022 Personal story

Lisa, a slim white woman with dark, shoulder-length hair, stands smiling with her two teenage sons

For Lisa, one of the hardest things about going through treatment alone during a pandemic was how it impacted her sons. She’s now determined to get back on her feet for their sake as well as her own.

5 July 2022 Personal story

Fran, a young white woman with blonde hair, beams with happiness after finding out she has no evidence of disease

When Fran was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at 25, she was determined to defy the prognosis she’d been given. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she's been declared No Evidence of Disease.

30 June 2022 Personal story

Debi, a white woman with cropped hair dyed in rainbow colours

After completing treatment for primary breast cancer, Debi was told very little about the risk of developing secondaries. Then, when she did try to seek help for her symptoms, she was turned away. 

29 June 2022 Personal story

This month, the Breast Cancer Now team held an event in Parliament to launch our latest campaign, #NoTimeToWaste, which is focused on improving early and rapid diagnosis of breast cancer.

28 June 2022 Breast Cancer Now

dozens of pills of all shapes and sizes spread out on a counter

We recap which breast cancer drugs have been approved for use on the NHS so far this year and share an update on which breast cancer drugs are currently being assessed for use.

28 June 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Jane was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer five years after receiving her primary diagnosis, and has been living with the disease for a decade now. She tells us about how grateful she is to still be here, the valuable support she's received, and why events like Afternoon Tea are so important to her.

28 June 2022 Breast Cancer Now

When Kimi was diagnosed with breast cancer, she immediately reacted with acceptance. Her attitude of ‘kicking cancer’s butt’ has already got her through a mastectomy, and she is confident it will help her in chemotherapy. 

27 June 2022 Personal story

When Moke was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she was committed to keeping her positive attitude – even when she faced complications in treatment.  

27 June 2022 Personal story