Karin Sieger

We speak to Karin about dealing with her recurrence and how she supports others with their mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

5 December 2019 Personal story

Julie shares why she’s raising money for Breast Cancer Now and what it would mean to her to win at the Amazing Women Awards, hosted by Woman and Home Magazine.

16 July 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Jill is getting ready to don her pink jersey as she enters the final few weeks of training ahead of the Prudential Ride London. 

15 July 2019 Personal story

Hattie during treatment

Hattie was 27 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She coped by finding the positives in her situation, including having her name on a F1 car.

12 July 2019 Personal story

Eve with a headscarf

Eve shares how finding her own support networks helped after her diagnosis, and why she’s excited to have her name on a F1 car this summer.

11 July 2019 Personal story

Bunshri walking on the coast

After treatment, Bunshri felt consumed by cancer. She reflects on what helped her move forward, from laughter therapy to picking up her camera again. 

9 July 2019 Personal story

So why not get inspired and put on a fundraiser this summer?

8 July 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Natasha going through treatment

Natasha struggled with life after breast cancer treatment. She shares why she is walking in The Show London this October. 

8 July 2019 Personal story

Clare and her partner

When Clare found out she needed radiotherapy, she tried to prepare herself as much as possible. She shares her top tips for coping with radiotherapy.

4 July 2019 Personal story

Bill Grant MP and Miles Briggs MSP joined us on a research tour of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. 

3 July 2019 Breast Cancer Now