PUBLISHED ON: 24 January 2020


Jackie deals with stress by putting down her thoughts as poetry. She wrote this after her first clear scan in July, nearly a year after finishing treatment for breast cancer.

Is that a lump, it cannot be
It just won’t happen, not to me
Perhaps it will just go away
I’ll get it checked, but not today

Finally I have to book
An urgent scan to have a look
And then I’m shown it on the screen
A shadow where it shouldn’t be

Appointment here, appointment there
And now I’m feeling pretty scared
Surgery went fine for me
Home same day for recovery

Resting when I get the call
“Sorry, we didn’t get it all”
Another op, now I’m in bits
How long until I’m well and fit

Finally I’m healing fine
Everyone has been so kind
Radiotherapy daily now
I don’t need chemo – lucky cow!

A year on now, all clear to date
The care I’ve had has been first rate
I live with hope now every day
That cancer’s really gone away

Writing can be a therapeutic way of expressing your feelings about your breast cancer diagnosis. If you're unsure about where to start, or haven't had any writing experience, our guide may help.

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