Rhianwen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year

Rhianwen was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her treatment has been affected. Here is how she is coping.

5 May 2020 Personal story

A woman holds her knee while sitting on a bed

It’s common to experience painful joints when taking hormone therapy to treat breast cancer — especially drugs like letrozole, anastrozole and exemestane.

30 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Susan stretches one leg while standing on a fallen tree

When she was going through breast cancer treatment, Susan used Pilates to keep her mind and body active, even when she couldn't leave the house.

28 April 2020 Personal story

Sharon smiling

Sharon is still in active treatment for breast cancer, but that isn’t stopping her from taking part in the 2.6 fundraiser challenge! 

23 April 2020 Personal story

A woman poses after a workout for the 2.6 challenge

Are you joining Breast Cancer Now, and the rest of the nation, for one of the biggest fundraising days of the year this Sunday?

23 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Rosie and her daughter

After having treatment for primary breast cancer in 2015, Rosie started taking letrozole. Here's how she manages the side effects. 

20 April 2020 Personal story

Kim and Karen

28 years ago, Kim and Karen's mother passed away from secondary breast cancer. Almost three decades on, they're fundraising in her memory.

16 April 2020 Personal story

Woman listening to something with earphones

The recent rise of podcasts means that it’s easier than ever to tune in to some great stories, interviews and discussions, no matter where you are. 

15 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Carol with Nikki after she rang the end of treatment bell

When Carol found out her daughter had stage three breast cancer, she felt completely helpless. Here's her side of experiencing cancer.

13 April 2020 Personal story

Afternoon Tea logo

Everything you need to know about Afternoon Tea Moments and how you can get involved.

3 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now