Karin Sieger

We speak to Karin about dealing with her recurrence and how she supports others with their mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

5 December 2019 Personal story

Susan during treatment

When Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt like she would be a burden to her loved ones. She shares how she managed her feelings of guilt around her diagnosis.  

5 November 2019 Personal story

Rona and her husband

Rona wrote a poem whilst waiting for husband's last oncology appointment that captures the many emotions you feel at the end of treatment.

31 October 2019 Personal story

Avril after treatment

During treatment, Avril struggled to find the right local support services for her. Now, she’s using her background in tech to broaden choices for everyone affected by cancer. 

30 October 2019 Personal story


Darlaine shares why it is so important to share experiences about sex and intimacy after breast cancer.  

24 October 2019 Personal story

Photograph of Liz

Liz shares her experience of returning to work as a breast surgeon after her own diagnosis, and why she’s now an ambassador for Working with Cancer.

21 October 2019 Personal story


Esther shares how Breast Cancer Now’s services helped her reclaim her life after her diagnosis in 2013.

16 October 2019 Personal story


Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer three times before she turned 30. She shares how she’s kept her sense of self while living with secondary breast cancer. 

15 October 2019 Personal story

Amanda Mealing

Actor and Breast Cancer Now ambassador Amanda Mealing struggled with the anxiety disorder PTSD after her breast cancer diagnosis. She explains why it’s so important to find the right emotional support for you. 

11 October 2019 Personal story

Photograph of Emi from her photoshoot

Before cancer, Emi struggled with her body image. She explains why her relationship with her body is now better than ever, and shares tips for women struggling with their body image after treatment. 

9 October 2019 Personal story