Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Researcher is looking at breast tissue samples

This year we’re celebrating 10 years of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank. By collecting tissue samples from people affected by breast cancer and making them available to researchers, our Tissue Bank accelerates progress towards faster diagnosis and better treatments.

11 August 2022

Rebecca smiling at the camera

After aesthetic breast work, Rebecca felt fantastic. But two weeks later, she detected a lump on her breasts and soon after, the words she dreaded were being spoken loudly around her.

10 August 2022

Caroline and her daughter smiling

It’s very common for people who have had a primary breast cancer diagnosis to worry about a recurrence. If it does happen, we're on hand to help you through it.

10 August 2022

A young woman wearing a pink top and long grey skirt stands in the middle of a wooden stage as four other actors sit around her with computers on their laps

In 2016, a team of researchers from Sheffield University created a play about how people living with breast cancer interact and use forums like ours, to gain support from others. Eithne Cullen, one of our Breast Cancer Voices, recently watched a performance of the play. This is her review.

10 August 2022

Charlotte Taylor, with dark hair smiling in a pink Breast Cancer Now running top, holding up her finisher's medal

After seeing Amanda share her difficult experience following breast cancer, Charlotte felt the urge to show her support. She tells us why she signed up to run a half marathon, and how meaningful it felt to fundraise for us.

7 August 2022

Dani, a dark-haired woman smiling and wearing a pink top and light-coloured trousers

Dani, a patient advocate for women in menopause after cancer, shares what helped her navigate some of the trickier moments of post-treatment menopause.

5 August 2022

Scientist Valerie Speirs with short hair

Professor Valerie Speirs is co-principal investigator of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank. Here Valerie and Edward Jones, our research communications officer, discuss how the Bank has grown over the past 10 years to become a phenomenal medical resource.

4 August 2022

Although women in the UK on average live longer than men, they spend more time in poor health. The strategy aims to address this by tackling the issues women face in accessing care, with cancer being a stated priority.

3 August 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Sue standing on stage at the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank Show

Around 10,000 people have donated tissue samples to the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank. One of those people is Sue Stannard, 69, from Caythorpe. Now, she reflects on her experience with breast cancer and donating to the Tissue Bank.

1 August 2022