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This International Nurse’s Day, we’re sharing and celebrating the story of our specialist nurse, Addie

In celebration of International Nurse’s Day, we asked Addie about our nurse helpline and why it’s so important. Find out more.

Addie sat at her desk wearing a headset

Can you tell us about yourself?  

I’m Addie and I’ve been a specialist nurse at Breast Cancer Now for 5 years now.  

I’m part of the nurse helpline, where we answer your questions and can signpost you to services like Younger Women Together, Someone Like Me and our Moving Forward Course. I do live talks on Breast Cancer Now’s Facebook as well as interviews on TV, radio and social media. Sometimes, I help out with awareness projects too. 

It’s great to be able to offer such important services. 

What’s your favourite part of the role?  

I love being able to listen to and support people when they’re having a really difficult time in their lives, and hopefully make a difference.  

Why do you think the helpline is so important? 

The helpline gives people support, reassurance and answers to questions when they need it, and people can discuss their feelings in as much detail as they wish. 

Which questions do you get most? 

I get a whole range of topics. Many callers talk about the impact on their mental health or about treatment side effects and ways to cope with them. Some callers are people who’ve had treatment and worried about the cancer returning.

No question is a silly or embarrassing question. We’re here to help.  

What would you say to someone who is nervous about calling the helpline? 

It can take courage to pick up the phone to call us. But even if you call and aren’t sure what to say or ask, you’ll only be treated with warmth and respect by our nurses and trained staff. 

If you’d prefer to email your questions, we have an email service too.  

Here to support you

No matter how breast cancer affects you, Addie and the team are here to support you.  

Learn more about our nurse services, including our helpline, nurse email service and forum. 

Support from our nurses

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