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Leading the way

Our history is built on leading the way. It’s in our DNA.

When nobody dared to talk about breast cancer, we set up the UK’s first breast cancer helpline so they could. And when a new approach was needed to discover more breakthroughs, we opened the UK’s first dedicated breast cancer research centre.

We’re not waiting for change to happen. We’re making it happen. It’s what we call being a determined leader.  

It’s something everyone who works here plays a part in. It’s not about having a senior job title or managing a big team. Here, we all lead.  

It’s about approaching your day with purpose, so you can move closer to your goals. It’s about having the space to add your passion, your knowledge and your support to our work.  

It’s about inspiring confidence and trust in one another. So we can do the same for those who come to us, in some of the darkest moments of their life. 

We’re people-focused

People are at the heart of everything we do. We’re listening to and advocating for everyone affected by breast cancer. And we’re here to support them whenever they need us. 

We’re ambitious

Always pushing ourselves to approach problems differently. We’re working with determination towards a better future for people affected by breast cancer. 

We’re collaborative

Inclusive and cooperative. We’re bringing people together to see the bigger picture. Working together to achieve our goals faster. 

We’re expert

Passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. We’re the leading voice on breast cancer, acting as a guide for the breast cancer community and shaping the conversation. 

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