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We respond to NHSE announcement of the license for anastrozole being extended to cover its use as a risk-reducing treatment for breast cancer

Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive at Breast Cancer Now, said:

“The extension of anastrozole’s license to cover it being used as a risk-reducing treatment is a major step forward that will enable more eligible women with a significant family history of breast cancer, to reduce their chance of developing the disease.

“For the past decade, Breast Cancer Now has been tirelessly campaigning - with clinicians, researchers and patients - for drugs that are found to be effective and safe in new uses, to reach people who could benefit, and we were thrilled when NHS England set up the Medicines Repurposing Programme in 2021. Anastrozole was the first drug to be supported by the programme and this news paves the way for improving access to risk-reducing drugs.

“With around 55,000 women and 400 men diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, it’s vital that all avenues to reduce the risk of developing the disease are explored. Eligible women offered risk-reducing drugs must also be given the information and support they need to make the right decision for them.

“We now look forward to continuing our work with NHS England to further improve access to these drugs for everyone eligible.”


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