Every year around 55000 people many of them mothers or grandmothers are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

Sunday 10 March is Mothers’ Day and we want to highlight some of the ways we’re helping mums up and down the country.

Doing it for Mum

This year we’re having bucket collections on the streets and online. If you haven't seen any of our friendly collectors why not donate to our justgiving pages. Our Do it for Mum! campaign which has already raised thousands of pounds helps us celebrate mothers with a diagnosis of breast cancer and the mothers we miss. And our generous corporate partners have pledged cash donations from a wide range of products.

Mummy’s Lump

The money raised through these and other activities helps us provide free services such as our beautifully illustrated children’s book Mummy’s Lump. Hundreds of families have found it a lifeline in helping them tell young children what’s going on when their mum is diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

As well as being available as a traditional book free to order from our website you can also download it from here or iTunes as a read-aloud iPad version narrated by actress Zoë Wanamaker.

Give us a call

Our free confidential Helpline is here to answer any questions about breast cancer. We often hear from people who want to know how best to support their mothers or grandmothers. Maybe your mum has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and you don’t know where to start looking for information and support. Why not pick up the phone and give us a call?

It’s good to talk

Our online Discussion Forum is a great place to chat in confidence to other people affected by breast cancer. It’s an area where people support each other by sharing experiences difficulties and hopes. There’s also a section for families partners and friends of people with breast cancer.

Have a happy Mothers’ Day

If you’re a mum with breast cancer – whether you’re newly diagnosed undergoing treatment or living with secondary breast cancer – we hope can enjoy a bit of truly deserved pampering this Mothers’ Day.

You may be celebrating Mothers’ Day as your mum is living well having previously had breast cancer. Or you may have lost your mum to breast cancer and feel sad on a day like this.

Whatever your circumstances and however you plan to spend Mothers’ Day remember we’re here for you.