Single mastectomy

Today we’ve launched a campaign featuring three women who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer or are living with the disease.

Their personal stories show it can be possible to find confidence after breast cancer and that there is support available for anyone who needs it.

Our poll found that the overwhelming majority of people who have had breast cancer (88%) say the disease and its treatment have had a negative impact on the way they feel about their bodies and 68% say that it has affected their sexual and intimate relationships.

The poll of more than 600 people found that 72% said breast cancer has made them feel less confident about their body. Many had experienced lower self esteem and a ‘loss of self’ compared to how they felt before their diagnosis.

Few felt that they had been able to ask for help or offered information or support to prepare them for what they might endure. We want to get people talking about the issue.

Nearly 500000 people are living in the UK after a diagnosis of breast cancer and we are calling on the public to share a behind the scenes film featuring the three women in the adverts through social media and help anyone affected by the disease.