Breast Cancer Now researchers are part of the team of scientists and clinicians who have been chosen as recipients of the AACR Team Science Award.

A team of male and female researchers working with Breast Cancer Now pose for a photo. Some are sitting on chairs, others are standing. They are all dressed smartly and smiling.

Our researchers are the key to helping us achieve Breast Cancer Now's vision

The Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital Breast Cancer Research Team, which includes Breast Cancer Now-funded researchers, have been announced the winners of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Team Science Award.

The prestigious international award recognizes an outstanding research team for its innovative science that furthers our understanding, detection, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cancer.

The researchers were recognised for their discoveries in breast cancer research that have led to significant improvements in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Simon Vincent, Director of Research, Support and Influencing at Breast Cancer Now, said:

‘We’re hugely proud that Breast Cancer Now funded researchers are at the core of a world-leading team whose outstanding discoveries over the past 20 years have transformed the way breast cancer is treated. Collaboration is key to research breakthroughs that ensure women with breast cancer receive the best possible treatment and care. It’s only by working together we’ll achieve our vision that by 2050 anyone diagnosed with breast cancer will live and be supported to live well.’

It is an honour to receive this award

The team was recognised for their work in developing and testing a new type of targeted therapy called PARP inhibitors; discoveries that led to improvements in treating oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer; discoveries that allow to further tailor of treatment including the development of cancer blood tests; and the discovery of molecular changes that help breast cancer to spread around the body.

The research team includes researchers at the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre Professor Clare Isacke, Professor Chris Lord, Professor Pascal Meier, Professor Nicholas Turner, and Professor Andrew Tutt, who is the director of the research centre. It also includes a former director of the research centre, Professor Alan Ashworth, and Professor Mitch Dowsett, who is a Breast Cancer Now Trustee and the chair of Breast Cancer Now Scientific Strategy Committee.

Professor Andrew Tutt said: ‘It is a really great honour to receive this award from the AACR and we’re so grateful to receive it. It’s an endorsement of our strong, collaborative approach, where laboratory scientists and clinical academics work closely across the ICR and The Royal Marsden to understand the needs of patients, make discoveries to address them in the lab and turn them into improvements in treatment in the clinic.’

They were recognised alongside their colleagues from The Institute of Cancer research and the Royal Marsden, Professor Judith Bliss, Professor Stephen Johnston, Dr Alistair Ring, Professor Ian Smith and Professor John Yarnold.


You can read more about these researchers' work, as well as other projects we've funded over the years, by visiting our research pages.

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