For 15 years, Breast Cancer Now has been campaigning for better information on those living with secondary breast cancer. We still don't have the statistics we need, but we are determined to see improvements.

'We do a wonderful job of counting the dead, but not enough to count the living'

It is estimated that there are around 35,000 people currently living with secondary breast cancer in the UK, but we still don’t have an accurate, up-to-date figure, nor do we have data on their care, treatment and outcomes. Without this vital insight, breast cancer services and governments across the UK are unable to plan for or provide services or support that meet the needs of secondary breast cancer patients.

Part of our work here at Breast Cancer Now involves campaigning on this issue.

'It can often seem like data is not something that would impact on patients, but all of our work has demonstrated how important data is,' explains Anna, one of our policy managers.

We have made some great progress over the years, with the audit in England and Wales being commissioned and developed. However, there’s still progress needed to ensure secondary breast cancer patients across the UK can receive the best possible care, with the best possible outcomes.

Tune into the latest episode of the Breast Cancer Now Podcast below in order to hear more about our campaign, information on progress in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and what it would mean for those currently living with secondary breast cancer.

You'll also hear from two of our fantastic supporters, Claire and Jen, who have been committed to campaigning since receiving their own diagnoses.

There's been a lot of commentary on a 'golden age' of treatment following breakthrough studies into new immunotherapy drugs, for example - almost giving the impression that, if we all just pull together as a society and focus on prevention, living healthily, and early detection through screening, then we can make deaths from breast cancer a thing of the past. But I'm afraid, for secondary breast cancer patients like me, that simply isn't true.

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