For this international women's day, we want to recognise not only the incredible women who are facing breast cancer, but also those who are working towards finding a cure.

Researcher looking through a microscope

Believe in yourself

We spoke to our healthcare professionals and researchers in order to hear what advice they had for people who are currently dealing with cancer. This is what they had to say:

Dr Charlotte Coles, Consultant Oncologist 

"Make sure you aim as high as you can, we often underestimate our own capabilities. You can do this."

Dr Violet Warwick, Programme Manager 

"If you want it, just do it, there’s nothing holding you back but you."

Kate Makin, PhD Student 

"Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and to ask questions even if they may seem silly or obvious. Secretly, everyone is a little unsure of what they are doing."

Dr charlotte Coles, Violet Warick and Kate Makin

A challenging profession

They also told us about the adversity they face on a day-to-day basis, and how difficult it can be as a woman in medicine.

Professor Leonie Young, Professor of Surgery 

"Balancing life and work can be challenging. I’m sure other scientists also feel the same."

Dr Rachel Eyre, Postdoctoral Research Associate

"Science has traditionally been a very male-dominated career. It’s still tough for women, but I think things are changing, and we need more women coming into science to keep challenging perceptions and keep things moving forward."

Kate Makin, PhD Student 

"I suffered with a real lack of confidence for my entire first year as a PhD student, often comparing myself to others with much more experience. I have fought hard to try and overcome this in my career."

Professor Leonie Young, A researcher and Kate Makin

Stay motivated

Despite the difficult times, though, our researchers are still driven to work hard and make progress. 

Dana Bhattacharyya, PhD student

"I’m inspired every day, by my friends, my supervisor and most of all by my own curiosity to find answers."

Dr Rachel Eyre, Postdoctoral Research Associate

"Out of our lab window we can see patients entering the hospital, and every patient I see inspires me to get on with the job."

Dr Jennifer Gomm, Programme leader

"The brave women with breast cancer. They are my driving force."

Dana Bhattacharyya, PhD student, Dr Rachel Eyre, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Jennifer Gomm, Programme leader


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