Abi was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2019 after losing both her mum and grandmother to the disease. She tells us how it has changed her life, and how she is helping others with breast cancer.

Cancer has been in my family for a long time now

When Abi's mum and grandmother both developed breast cancer at young ages, she felt it was best to be proactive about her own health. She requested routine mammograms while in her thirties, but was told she was too young to qualify for them. Finally, she was granted them at the age of 40, and a scan at 41 found primary breast cancer.

Despite having a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, lymph node removal and Tamoxifen, Abi had a recurrence five years later. By the time it was found, the cancer had already spread to her peritoneum.

In this episode, Abi speaks about how her diagnosis has affected her and her family, shares advice on how to support a loved one with cancer, and explains why she's looking forward to hosting a fundraising event to help others with breast cancer.


I think that's a sensible way to look at cancer: every day is different. Every day is not going to be a good day. But then there are lots and lots of good days as well.


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