After losing her mum and sister to breast cancer, Bami was hypervigilant about her own risk. Now, she volunteers her time and efforts to educating others on what to look out for.

I will be a victor, not a victim

In 1990, Bami's mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2011, her sister was diagnosed. Both of them sadly passed away with secondary breast cancer. This urged Bami to get a preventative mastectomy, but, as she tells us in this podcast, the surgery uncovered that she had already developed the disease.

Thankfully, Bami's cancer was caught early enough - but she knows that other people may not know their risk. She tells us how important it is to educate others, particularly people from BAME communities, on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Tune in to hear about the incredible work Bami has done to raise awareness, the stigmas she hopes to dispel, and how she would like to see the narratives around cancer continue to become more inclusive and representative of minorities.

Secrecy and silence are deadly. I know the damage - first hand - that secrecy, stigma, silence and shame around health does. Especially around breast cancer.

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