PUBLISHED ON: 18 February 2020

During her treatment for primary breast cancer, Emi felt numb. However, when her emotions began to return, she discovered new feelings of love and respect for her body.  

I will never be perfect, but I am enough 

In this episode we speak to Emi: a consultant, body therapist and speaker for BodEquality. Diagnosed in 2013, Emi initially thought the lump in her breast was a false alarm, as she’d had a benign cyst before. However, faced with the reality that she had breast cancer – and the fear that accompanied it – she began to feel numb. 

Two years after that initial diagnosis, Emi’s emotions came flooding back, and many of them were about her body. By that point her support network was not as strong as it had been at the beginning, so she found herself dealing with a lot of her feelings alone. 

Tune in to hear how Emi readdressed her body image after breast cancer treatment, and gained even more respect for her appearance and her strength. 

I’ve not got a perfect body. I never had a perfect body. I never will have a perfect body, other than it’s perfect for what I need it to be.

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Everyone’s experience is unique to them. This podcast contains the personal story and experience of the speaker, rather than that of Breast Cancer Now.   

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