PUBLISHED ON: 6 May 2021

Last year, at the age of 25, Fran was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. In the space of nine months, she's undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brain surgery - all with a positive attitude.

I won't have someone put numbers on my life

At the time of her diagnosis, Fran was in excellent physical shape, ate healthily, never smoked, and had no family history of breast cancer. The news of her secondary breast cancer came as a huge shock, but it has not dampened her optimism.

Despite being told at one point that she may only have two years to live, Fran has taken her treatments in her stride, and takes comfort in the amazing feats the human body is capable of.

She speaks to us about pursuing a curative approach to her cancer, the importance of maintaining physical wellbeing throughout treatment, and the hard work she puts in to moving forward with a positive attitude.

I try to view my treatment in a more positive way. I think about what I am getting out of this, rather than what it is taking away from me.

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