PUBLISHED ON: 19 December 2019

How to practise self-care this Christmas

On this episode, we speak with Lauren, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 when she was just 31. She explains how she felt when she was diagnosed, the impact cancer had on her mental health, and where she found support.

Lauren also reflects on how she felt going through treatment during the holidays, and why it's important to be kind to yourself over Christmas. Tune in to hear her story and tips on how best to practise self-care during and after treatment. 

The whole of Christmas for me felt really overwhelming. I’ve got a big family who I love ... however, it was so loud, and I felt like I had to put on a front because I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s Christmas.

Everyone’s experience is unique to them. This podcast contains the personal story and experience of the speaker, rather than that of Breast Cancer Now.

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