PUBLISHED ON: 22 July 2021

Last year, Lucy experienced a recurrence just four years after first being diagnosed at age 28. She tells us about how she's managing treatment, being open with her young daughter, and being optimistic about the future.

I felt like I'd never actually beat it, that I'd never won

The first time Lucy found a lump in her breast, she had only recently got married and had a four-year-old daughter. Being only 28, she believed she was too young to get breast cancer. A trip to the doctor revealed another lump in her armpit, at which point she was promptly referred for tests. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

Lucy went through six months of chemotherapy, a single mastectomy, and had eight lymph nodes removed. After that, she had radiotherapy. When she was finally declared No Evidence of Disease (NED), she did her best to distance herself from her diagnosis. 

Unfortunately, she experienced a recurrence last year, and once again felt as if her life was put on hold. She tells us about the difficulties associated with going through cancer treatment at such a young age, but also shares her hope for cancer treatments that may offer much longer term success.

Even though kids should never have to see their parents go through something like this, it will shape her - I believe - into someone who will stick up for herself, someone who is vigiliant, and someone who is aware of her own body.


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