Ever wondered how new drugs get tested and approved? This week, we'll be hearing from Edd and Holly about how substances go from lab experiments to licensed treatments.

Only a small proportion of drugs that enter clinical trials reach clinical use

Over the last few decades, cancer treatments have progressed in leaps and bounds. However, there is still a long way to go, especially where secondary breast cancer is concerned.

In this episode, our Research Communications Officer, Edd, will be taking us through the process that all drugs must undergo before being approved for standard use. Then, our Policy Manager, Holly, will delve a bit more into how these treatments then get licensed for use on the NHS.

Tune in to find out more about this side of Breast Cancer Now's work, as well as our current Time for Trodelvy campaign.

We know at Breast Cancer Now that to improve outcomes and care for people living with breast cancer - whether that's people with primary or secondary breast cancer - that it's absolutely critical that there is quick access to these effective and promising treatments on the NHS.


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