PUBLISHED ON: 27 February 2020

In this podcast, we give you a quick insight into three of our current research projects and how they impact people affected by breast cancer.

There’s constant progress being made 

On this episode, we’re speaking to with Edd from our Research Communications team. He explains some of the research projects that Breast Cancer Now is currently funding.  

All of our projects focus on at least one of three main aims: how we can prevent breast cancer, how we can save lives, and how we can help people live well during and after treatment.  

We talk about the Breast Cancer Now Generations Study, which is identifying causes of breast cancer in a large group of women, an immune system study that focuses on triple negative breast cancer, and a project dedicated to building an online tool that will help people undergoing hormone therapy after breast cancer. 

Thanks to amazing progress in areas such as detection, screening, early diagnosis, and developments in research and care, more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before.

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