Having games at your Afternoon Tea is a great way to keep guests entertained and boost your fundraising.

A woman in a blue dress plays 'pin the lid on the teapot'

Seven fundraising games to play

Afternoon Tea quiz

Put your quiz master hat on and get quizzical! We’ve put together an Afternoon Tea themed quiz which we think your guests will love. You’ll be answering questions like; how many cups of tea does the UK drink every day?

Can you beat the Guinness world record?

Try and beat the current Guinness world record for most tea bags thrown in a mug in 30 seconds… It’s currently 12 – challenge accepted!

Guess the weight of the cake

This game is a real crowd pleaser! Bake (or buy) a cake, make a secret note of its weight and pop it on the game sheet then ask guests to guess the weight. The winner of the game can win the cake, a very tasty prize.

Garden games

There are so many fun games you can play in the garden or park, like hoopla, Twister (if you’re feeling brave!) and even a treasure hunt.

Pin the lid to the teapot

Can you pin the lid to the teapot? It seems simple enough, but once you’ve put a blindfold on it soon becomes difficult and very fun to watch. See who can get the closest and win the game – but promise no peeking.

Who’s the best baker?

Pick a few friends to be judges and have a baking competition, awards could include; tastiest bake, most technical and best decorated.

You can then ask guests to make a donation to taste test all the scrumptious baked goods. 


Everyone loves a sweepstake and we have some readymade ones waiting for you and your guests. Take a look at the downloads section, where you can print some for your tea.

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Top tip from your Afternoon Tea team

We suggest that players make a donation of £2 to play, but if they can’t, that’s okay too.

If 15 people donate £2, it could pay for one hour of world-class research. That's one more hour of progress, another hour closer to breakthroughs, and ultimately – another hour closer to a world where nobody loses someone they love to breast cancer. How incredible is that?