Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

An innovative drug treatment for secondary breast cancer has received its UK licence.

14 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Fantastic news – we’ve been shortlisted to become Deloitte’s charity partner for 2013-16!

14 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Care's Clinical team went global in February as I boarded a flight for Melbourne Australia to speak at a national breast care nurse conference.

12 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Lorna and her friends hosting a Fizz and Chips night

Fundraising is a lot easier than you might think. And we'll help you every step of the way. Here are five ideas to get you started so your sponsorship doesn’t have to be a mountain too tough to conquer...

11 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

With local healthcare services rapidly changing the ways in which people can get involved in shaping them is also altering. 

11 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Every year around 55000 people many of them mothers or grandmothers are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

Sunday 10 March is Mothers’ Day and we want to highlight some of the ways we’re helping mums up and down the country.

Doing it for Mum

8 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Care has a wide range of high-profile supporters who give up their time to help us as official patrons and ambassadors.

5 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

vita magazine

If you read the Winter issue of Vita Breast Cancer Care's quarterly magazine you'll probably have read about our Vita bloggers - three women who've all been diagnosed with breast cancer.

4 March 2013 Breast Cancer Now

A group taking on the Ben Nevis challenge

We’ve noticed that the Ben Nevis Challenge is becoming more and more popular for groups of friends family and colleagues so we got in touch with some of them to find out why.

25 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now