two women sit at a table and enjoy reading ActWELL information booklets on how to lose weight

New research has shown that a lifestyle programme introduced to women at a routine breast screening appointment can help lose weight and could help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

17 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now


Rebekah felt as though food became a comfort during her breast cancer treatment. She shares her top five tips for losing weight healthily.

17 June 2019 Personal story

Addie and Rav discuss diet and breast cancer

In our final episode of series 1 of our podcast we discuss diet, which can cause anxiety for women who are worried about their risk of breast cancer.

9 May 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachel Rawson

We speak to Clinical Nurse Specialist, Rachel Rawson, about weight gain as well as anxiety around diet and recurrence.

21 February 2019 Personal story

Woman exercising at the gym

Della was shocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She explains how exercise helped her regain confidence and feel better after treatment finished.

15 January 2019 Personal story

Whether you’re joining the millions going dry this January, or you’re just looking to cut back on the booze for a week or two after the Christmas and new year festivities, we’ve got five alcohol-free tips to help.

7 January 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Emma with her Slimming World certificate

Emma struggled when she gained weight during breast cancer treatment. She shares five tips that helped her on her weight loss journey.

17 September 2018 Personal story

Self-care after breast cancer treatment

Katia and Nadia, authors of Self-Care for the Real World, look at five tips that may help support you moving forward after treatment. 

24 July 2018 Breast Cancer Now

Vegetable Korma from 'Self Care for the Real World'

A simple and healthy recipe from 'Self-Care for the Real World' that is packed full of goodness.

28 June 2018 Breast Cancer Now