Headshot photo of Jim

Jim wants to get men talking about breast cancer and show men can get it too. He’s excited for an uplifting experience, donning adventurous clothing.

Jim's one of 24 models selected for The Show: an inspiring catwalk showing breast cancer can affect anyone. Read his story and find out how to watch The Show. 

14 March 2023

Doug and Dave have both experienced breast cancer, and found that there was very little support for them during their treatment. Now, they're working together to change that for other men facing a diagnosis.

7 June 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Doug, a white man with silver grey hair and a short beard, waves from the window of an old steam train

Before he was diagnosed in 2012, Doug had no idea men could get breast cancer. Now, he wants to raise awareness amongst other people and improve resources for men affected by breast cancer. 

26 May 2022 Personal story

A male researcher with short brown hair sits at a desk in a white labcoat while making notes

Researchers based at the Institute of Cancer Research have discovered a link between infertility and breast cancer in men. This could help us better understand the disease and lead to better ways to treat or prevent it.

17 May 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Dave, an older white man with grey hair, wears a blue chequered shirt

Dave has lost several close friends and family members to breast cancer, so was quick to get himself checked when he found a lump on his chest. Now, he is keen to use his experience to educate others. 

28 March 2022 Personal story

Tony, an older white man, smiles while outside in the winter sunshine

Tony found out he had an altered BRCA2 gene after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Before that, he had no idea what it could entail – and he worries that many people still don’t. 

24 January 2022 Personal story

In the foreground, we see the back of an older man's head. Opposite him in the background is an older women. The two are sitting on chairs, apparently in conversation.

How our volunteers are helping to identify the needs and struggles of those supporting men with breast cancer.

29 November 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Tony, an older white man with white hair, smiles while outside in the sunshine

When Tony was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years after his sister, he noticed some differences between their experiences. Since then, he has been trying to spread the word about male breast cancer. 

11 November 2021 Personal story

Richard, a white man with short hair, smiles broadly while wearing a blue and pink top

When Richard was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, he found that all his treatment was female-focused. Now, he is working to raise awareness and eliminate stigma for other men in the same position.

19 October 2021 Personal story