Catherine, a clinical nurse specialist. She has red, shoulder-length hair, and is wearing a grey cardigan. She smiles while sitting at her desk.

On this episode of the My Story podcast, we are speaking with one of our clinical specialist nurses, Catherine. 

11 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Fran, a young woman, in a hospital bed after surgery

Last year, at the age of 25, Fran was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. In the space of nine months, she's undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brain surgery - all with a positive attitude.

6 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Laura and her baby

Five years ago, Laura found out she had breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. Tune in as she reflects on how her diagnosis impacted her, as well as how she has been able to move forward in the time since.

22 April 2021 Personal story

Woman listening to something with earphones

The recent rise of podcasts means that it’s easier than ever to tune in to some great stories, interviews and discussions, no matter where you are. 

15 April 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Claire Myerson smiling

In this special episode, we hear from Claire, a secondary breast cancer patient who wants a better understanding of her condition in the medical field. 

1 April 2020 Personal story

David standing in front of a field of cows

In 2015, David found out he was one of approximately 370 men in the UK to develop breast cancer each year. Here, he tells us about his experience. 

1 April 2020 Personal story

Breast Cancer Now Facebook Live

In this episode, we speak to two of our Someone Like Me volunteers. Both of them have had breast cancer, and now give their time to others in similar situations to them. 

25 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Tamsin speaking about lymphoedema

Shortly after finishing chemotherapy for a recurrence of breast cancer, Tamsin developed lymphoedema in various parts of her body. She shares her experience and tips for managing the condition. 

12 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Claire standing in front of a tree

Claire decided not to have a reconstruction after her mastectomy, and instead uses her platform as an artist to celebrate her body. 

4 March 2020 Personal story