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In this special episode of the Breast Cancer Now podcast, we've pulled together some of the best advice our guests have shared over the last season. Whether you've been recently diagnosed or just need a positive pick-me-up, this has something for everyone.

25 October 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Delyth Morgan

Baroness Delyth Morgan, CEO of Breast Cancer Now, tells us about some of the things she's been part of in her 25 years with the charity, as well as how we are focusing more on people with secondary breast cancer.

13 October 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A split image showing Holly, a young woman with long dark hair, and Edd, a young man with short curly hair

Ever wondered how new drugs get tested and approved? This week, we'll be hearing from Edd and Holly about how substances go from lab experiments to licensed treatments.

26 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Kayla, a white woman with light brown hair, poses in her wear it pink feather boa

Kayla was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 and experienced a recurrence in her early 30s. She tells us about the long-term impact cancer had and how she has worked to move forward and help others.

19 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Medina and Nadia pose together at Medina's graduation

Nadia was just 23 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She and her older sister, Medina, tell us how they were both impacted.

12 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Annabel, who has dark brown hair and eyes, smiles while wearing a blue strappy top

Before Annabel was diagnosed, she felt that her main concern in life was to find a boyfriend. She tells us how breast cancer changed her perspective on things, but also how it affected her dating life.

5 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Jen, a white woman with mid-length blonde hair and round glasses, smiles in a field of daffodils while wearing a yellow hoodie

In 2017, Jen received a de novo diagnosis of secondary breast cancer after experiencing some unusual symptoms. She tells us about the misconceptions she had about cancer, and how she's working with Breast Cancer Now to campaign for change.

29 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Lucy, a white woman with short brown hair, takes a smiling selfie while getting chemotherapy treatment

Last year, Lucy experienced a recurrence just four years after first being diagnosed at age 28. She tells us about how she's managing treatment, being open with her young daughter, and being optimistic about the future.

22 July 2021 Personal story

Amanda, a white woman with short curly hair and freckles, looks straight into the camera

In 2002, actor Amanda Mealing discovered she had breast cancer within 24 hours of giving birth. Determined not to let her treatment interfere with motherhood, she buried a lot of her feelings. Years later, she began to suffer with what she now recognises as PSTD.

16 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now