When Holly Macbeth's mum was diagnosed with cancer back in 1988, she had no idea what the future held for her. 

28 March 2019 Personal story

Find out about the Cancer Patient Survey

Following the government decision on the National Cancer Patient Survey, we explain why it matters to cancer patients.

21 January 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Improving care and support for secondary breast cancer

Find out more about our updated and revised toolkit for nurses working with secondary breast cancer patients. 

10 January 2019 Breast Cancer Now

You helped us influence the NHS Long-Term Plan

This year, you helped us campaign to get vital care, information and support for people with secondary breast cancer.

21 December 2018 Breast Cancer Now

Be a bucket volunteer

Every 10 minutes, is diagnosed with breast cancer. #Give10 on 27 November and help us be there for them.

17 November 2018 Breast Cancer Now

Hannah and her daughter Poppy

Hannah, a mum-of-one, was diagnosed straight away with incurable, secondary breast cancer almost three years ago.

16 October 2018 Personal story

Lauren at the hospital during treatment

When Lauren’s treatment finished she thought she’d be overjoyed, but instead struggled with anxiety. She explains why she’s campaigning for better Care After Breast Cancer.

29 September 2018 Personal story


Palbociclib (Ibrance) was approved as a first-line treatment for secondary breast cancer, but when will it be made available as a second or later-line treatment?

11 July 2018 Breast Cancer Now

Stella and her family on holiday in Spain

Stella talks about struggling to feel like herself once treatment ended, how she found support, and why she's campaigning for better care after treatment.

3 July 2018 Personal story