Fay Field

In this episode, we’re talking to Fay, who talks about struggling with sex and intimacy in the months following her treatment.  

23 January 2020 Personal story


Susan struggled with feelings of guilt, isolation and loneliness after being diagnosed in 2016. This is how she managed her emotions.  

16 January 2020 Personal story

Lauren at Christmas

On this episode we speak with Lauren about the impact breast cancer had on her mental health over Christmas, and where she found support.

19 December 2019 Personal story

Sonia after treatment

When Sonia was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found out she had the BRCA2 gene. She talks to us about worries about her fertility and finding a community online. 

12 December 2019 Personal story

Karin Sieger

We speak to Karin about dealing with her recurrence and how she supports others with their mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

5 December 2019 Personal story

Alice-May Purkiss, author of the book 'Life, Lemons and Melons'

In a live Facebook recording, our Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachel Rawson spoke to Alice-May Purkiss, author of the book 'Life, Lemons and Melons'.

25 April 2019 Personal story

Anita and her family

Anita talks to us about how being honest with her children helped them cope with her breast cancer diagnosis.

11 April 2019 Personal story


Tune in to our podcast focusing on the power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have during and after breast cancer treatment.

4 April 2019 Personal story


Juliet thought having a breast reconstruction was inevitable. She tells about the moment she decided to live flat-chested.

14 March 2019 Personal story