Scientist Valerie Speirs with short hair

Professor Valerie Speirs is co-principal investigator of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank. Here Valerie and Edward Jones, our research communications officer, discuss how the Bank has grown over the past 10 years to become a phenomenal medical resource.

4 August 2022

This year we’re celebrating 10 years of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank. By collecting tissue samples from people affected by breast cancer and making them available to researchers, our Tissue Bank accelerates progress towards faster diagnosis and better treatments.

20 July 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A white male scientist examines samples under a microscope

A group of researchers across the UK, US and the Netherlands have new findings which may help some women avoid unnecessary treatment for DCIS.

9 June 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A female researcher working at the Institute of Cancer Research. She has brown skin and long dark hair tied back in a ponytail. She is working at a computer.

How Breast Cancer Now Voices helped researchers in Wales understand the needs of women in breast cancer screening.

20 May 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Linda, an older white woman with bobbed blonde hair, smiles for the camera

After Linda was treated for DCIS, she wanted to give back and help improve services for future patients. She’s now a Patient Advocate with Breast Cancer Now, and continues to learn new things as she works to help others. 

18 May 2022 Personal story

A male researcher with short brown hair sits at a desk in a white labcoat while making notes

Researchers based at the Institute of Cancer Research have discovered a link between infertility and breast cancer in men. This could help us better understand the disease and lead to better ways to treat or prevent it.

17 May 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Clare Isacke and her team of researchers standing in the laboratory in their white labcoats

Researchers have discovered a new way to diagnose and monitor breast cancer that has spread to the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

8 April 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A team of male and female researchers working with Breast Cancer Now pose for a photo. Some are sitting on chairs, others are standing. They are all dressed smartly and smiling.

Breast Cancer Now researchers are part of the team of scientists and clinicians who have been chosen as recipients of the AACR Team Science Award.

5 April 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Dr. Anita Grigoriardis leads the cancer bioinformatics group at King's College London. She tells us about her work and how it has an impact on cancer research and treatments.

5 April 2022 Breast Cancer Now