One of the greatest challenges that breast cancer researchers face is understanding how and why secondary tumours form and finding new ways to tackle them. Secondary tumours occur when cancer cells escape from the breast and travel to other sites in the body such as the lungs, liver, bones and brain. Although

26 October 2017

In addition to finding new ways to prevent and treat breast cancer, it’s crucial that we can identify how best to support patients and help them deal with the impact of their diagnosis and the side effects of treatment.

27 September 2017

How did you get involved in cancer research?

7 September 2017

Ansel Lim is currently in the fourth year of medical school and, under the guidance of his supervisors Dr Jabed Iqbal and Dr Joe Yeong, has been carrying out research into

1 September 2017

Dr Paul Huang leads the Protein Networks Team at the Institute of Cancer Research, London and is investigating the communication networks buzzing inside, between and around cancer cells.

14 June 2017

At Breast Cancer Now, we’re incredibly proud of all of the progress our researchers make and can frequently be found enthusiastically discussing the latest discoveries in our blogs. While we love to share the successes of our scientists, we also think it’s essential to talk about just how we decide which research to fund.

6 June 2017

Our supporter Ruth Wilmott has designed a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017, inspired by the research funded by Breast Cancer Now. But for one of our researchers, the inspiration goes both ways.

Ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show 2017, we caught up with Breast Cancer Now Scientific Fellow Dr Cristina Branco to hear about how her research has its roots in the biology of plants.

10 May 2017

Last year, we saw through the eyes of researchers and down their microscopes as scientists from across the globe shared their beautiful images.

This year, we’ve widened the categories to capture both important moments of science in action and translational research making its way into the clinic.

12 April 2017

Research published today opens up the possibility that around 20% of breast cancer patients could benefit from drugs that have so far only been used in patients with inherited BRCA mutations. In this blog, we look at the many pieces of research that have contributed to this discovery.

13 March 2017