Bal, an Asian woman with short black hair, wears pink in support of breast cancer awareness

While going through treatment for stage three breast cancer, Bal experienced hair loss, fatigue and ongoing brain fog. Thanks to support and research groups, she’s now feeling more empowered. 

20 September 2021 Personal story

A researcher stands behind a tray of samples, some of which hold small amounts of coloured liquid

Researchers have found a possible link between antibiotic use, gut bacteria and the speed of breast cancer growth in mice.

15 September 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A split image showing Holly, a young woman with long dark hair, and Edd, a young man with short curly hair

Ever wondered how new drugs get tested and approved? This week, we'll be hearing from Edd and Holly about how substances go from lab experiments to licensed treatments.

26 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Hilary, a white woman with grey-brown hair, glasses, and a wide smile

Opting in to take part in a clinical trial has helped Hilary to realise the importance of research and motivated her to do more to represent patient views in breast cancer research.

16 August 2021 Personal story

Thanks to research, we now know more about triple negative breast cancer and are finding kinder and smarter ways to treat it.

7 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Close up of a microscope

The Catalyst Programme encompasses a number of research projects, all aiming to find preventions, treatments and cures for breast cancer. In this episode, we take a closer look into four of them.

1 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A scientist wearing a lab coat and latex gloves is seen from behind as they mix a solution in a beaker

Explore some of the genes and proteins our scientists study and how this knowledge can lead to new treatments.

30 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Dr. Chris Lord, a white man with fine brown hair, wearing a lab coat and standing in his research lab

New research has identified a new class of targeted cancer drugs that could be used to treat patients whose tumours have changes to the BRCA genes.

17 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Clare Isacke standing in her lab with her research team

New research reveals the role a molecule called Endo180 plays in breast cancer spreading and becoming incurable.

10 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now