Adobea first went to her GP with a lump in 2016, but wasn’t diagnosed with breast cancer until it has already spread. She tells us how cancer has changed her as a person, and how she’s determined to stay positive. 

23 May 2022 Personal story

Jade, a young white woman with blonde hair, sits on a boat with her two young children on her lap. All three of them are smiling, and the kids are wearing colourful life jackets.

Jade was only 27 the first time she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and treatment meant she couldn’t care for her young son. When she faced a recurrence three years later, she had a daughter to care for, too. 

23 March 2022 Personal story

Em, whose hair short following chemotherapy, smiles with her husband and their dog

Em has always known she wanted to be a parent, but her plans were disrupted when she discovered she had cancer at the age of 37. Amazingly, with the help of a friend, she was still able to make her dreams of motherhood come true.

18 March 2022 Personal story

Lynsey, a young white woman, sits on a hospital gurney with her thumbs up. She is wearing a mask and hospital scrubs, but it is clear from her eyes that she is grinning.

When Lynsey was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, she wanted to let other young people know they could be at risk. By sharing her story on Instagram, she reminded people to check themselves – but also offered hope to other women going through treatment. 

18 March 2022 Personal story

Charlotte, Nicky, Selin and Shevelle all sit together while modelling Dorothy Perkins outfits

Knowing how to help someone with breast cancer can be tricky, which is why we spoke with four women with different types of breast cancer about the kinds of support that they most appreciate.

18 October 2021 Personal story

Emma, a young white woman, wears a light pink wig and has colourful eyeshadow

Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of lockdown last year, not long after her eldest daughter had leukaemia. She shares the impact it had on her mental health and her hopes for moving forward. 

8 September 2021 Personal story

Medina and Nadia pose together at Medina's graduation

Nadia was just 23 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She and her older sister, Medina, tell us how they were both impacted.

12 August 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Jennifer, a Black woman with natural hair, sits for the camera while wearing a white jumper

Jennifer struggled when she was diagnosed with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, but has worked hard to change her attitude and to advocate for others who may not realise their breast cancer risk. 

4 August 2021 Personal story

Zahida, a young Asian woman with glasses and shoulder-length black hair, smiles while wearing a smart blue and yellow top

When Zahida discovered she had cancer, it was difficult to find support amongst friends and family because it was seen as a taboo topic. She tells us why she’s now keen to share her story and change perspectives within BAME communities. 

15 July 2021 Personal story