Find out how to apply to access our Tissue Bank.

To apply for Cells, please visit our Cell Culture Bank

Who can apply

Applications may be submitted at any time by researchers in the UK and Ireland and will be reviewed in the order they are received. We are reviewing applications from outside of the UK and Ireland and commercial organisations on a case-by-basis.

Funding and peer review approval for the proposed research must be obtained prior to applying for material.

Make sure you have read our guidance before submitting your application.

Apply now

Application process summary

  1. Search our collection
    Use our online sample finder to search our collection. We encourage all applicants to speak to our PIs before submitting so we can understand your sample and data needs. Please get in contact with us to arrange a call
  2. Complete your application form
    Please log in/register via our online portal to complete an application. Make sure you refer to applicant guidance in the resources section to ensure you complete the form correctly.
  3. Review and submit
    If you have listed co-applicants, make sure they have also reviewed all the information in the application before submission.
  4. Breast Cancer Now check
    Your application will be checked for missing information by the Tissue Bank team.
  5. Principle Investigator call
    All applications are reviewed by a PI and most include a teleconference between the PI and the applicants to review the request for tissue and refine it. We have found this speeds up the review process and the likelihood that the application will be successful.
  6. Tissue Access Committee review of sample request
    A light-touch review is conducted to ensure patient benefit and that there is no risk to releasing the samples. Please refer to governance or see the Tissue Access Policy, for more information.
  7. Decision
    We aim to let you know the outcome of your application within four weeks of submission.
  8. Sample Preparation
    This is started as soon after the request has been approved as possible and is usually completed before the Material Transfer Agreement and/or Data Transfer Agreement have been signed
  9. Samples released
    Samples will be dispatched once a Material Transfer Agreement and/or Data Transfer Agreement has been signed, within a timeframe agreed by the BCNTB and the applicant
  10. Tissue Request Progress
    The progress of you request can be monitored using the status clearly displayed against each pending request on the TB portal. For further details please contact the TB coordinator on