The Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme promotes innovation and excellence in breast cancer research, through collaboration in the UK and across Europe. 

Working together with people affected by breast cancer, healthcare professionals, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and others, we can bring more hope for people affected by breast cancer.

The programme aims to fund research that holds the greatest potential to benefit people affected by the disease. Breast cancer patients are at the heart of the Catalyst Programme, and help us make decisions about what research to fund.

How does the programme work?

Currently this programme is supported by Pfizer, one of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical companies.

Pfizer has committed around £10m to ensure innovative breast cancer research can happen faster. Our researchers funded through the programme are granted access to a number of Pfizer’s existing drugs and drugs currently in development, giving them the chance to turn research discoveries into new treatments.

Breast Cancer Now remains independent from Pfizer and from any future collaborators, both in selecting research projects to fund and in commenting or campaigning on any issues related to pharmaceutical companies.

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What has the programme achieved so far?

There are now 24 innovative breast cancer research projects, including clinical trials, happening in the UK and across Europe thanks to the Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme. All projects aim to bring better treatment options for breast cancer patients.

We will be awarding £2 million worth of new Catalyst projects later this year.

More about the Catalyst programme

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Research projects funded through the programme

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We are always looking for more collaborators to join the force and make sure that that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well. Share your ideas or join the programme.

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Pfizer has provided $15 million USD funding to Breast Cancer Now for the Catalyst Programme as an Independent Medical Research Grant. Where applicable, research organisations also had access to specific Pfizer compounds. Pfizer has no involvement in allocating the grants or conducting the research studies funded by the Catalyst Programme.