Professor Nick Lakin and his PhD student want to find signs that breast cancer cells are becoming resistant to drugs called PARP inhibitors and find new weaknesses in tumours that don’t respond to these drugs.

Professor Elinor Sawyer is looking for new ways to tell which lobular breast cancer patients may benefit from personalised therapies. She believes the environment within and around the tumour may hold a clue.

Professor Ross Chapman’s project will help us better understand how changes in the BRCA1 gene make breast cancer more likely. It’ll also help unpick why some breast cancer cells develop resistance to PARP inhibitor drugs.

Professor Tyson Valentine Sharp is working to understand how a protein called CoAsy is linked to breast cancer. He hopes this could lead to a new targeted treatment for triple negative breast cancer

Professor Anna Gavin aims to improve care for breast cancer patients by documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their care and identifying areas where improvements can be made now and in the future.

Professor Qing-Jun Meng is investigating how the inner clock in breast cancer cells is involved in the disease. This could lead to new treatments as well as improve existing ones.