Dr Christian Zierhut and his team are testing whether boosting the immune system during treatment with drugs called PARP inhibitors makes it more effective.

Professor Penelope Ottewell and her PhD student are testing new combinations of drugs to treat breast cancer that’s spread to the bone. They’re hoping that this work could be the foundation of new treatment options for secondary breast cancer.

Professor Robert Horne and Dr Zoe Moon are investigating what black women think about their breast cancer treatment and care in the UK. In particular, what they think about taking hormone therapy. They want to find ways to better support black women and reduce health inequalities.

Professor Richard Clarkson is working to understand how triple negative breast cancer becomes resistant to chemotherapies. He hopes to find a way to stop this from happening, and make chemotherapy more effective.

Dr Sam Orange is developing a programme that can help support women with diet and exercise after breast cancer treatment. This could help improve their quality of life and reduce their risk of breast cancer coming back.

The cancer dynamics team are studying how breast cancer cells adapt and change to resist treatment.