Professor Awen Gallimore is investigating ways to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy for triple negative breast cancer. For this, she’s targeting multiple signals in breast cancer cells that work against the immune system. It could lead to new much needed treatments.

Dr Matt Williams is investigating the effectiveness of an alternative type of radiotherapy for people with secondary breast tumours in the brain. He’s running a small clinical trial to see if it could replace the current approach of delivering radiotherapy to the whole brain.

Professor Ellen Copson wants to find out if a person’s body composition and muscle mass influences the severity of the side effects they get following chemotherapy for secondary breast cancer. She’s carrying out a clinical trial across multiple parts of the UK.

Professor Simak Ali is investigating how changes in the oestrogen receptor (ER) gene contribute to hormone therapy resistance. He hopes this will lead to more effective treatments for secondary ER-positive breast cancer.  

Dr Sankari Nagarajan is investigating how some triple negative breast cancers spread to other parts of the body. And she wants to see if drugs against proteins called nuclear receptors could stop this from happening.

Professor Penelope Ottewell and her PhD student are testing new combinations of drugs to treat breast cancer that’s spread to the bone. They’re hoping that this work could be the foundation of new treatment options for secondary breast cancer.