Dr Christian Zierhut and his team are testing whether boosting the immune system during treatment with drugs called PARP inhibitors makes it more effective.

Professor Penelope Ottewell and her PhD student are testing new combinations of drugs to treat breast cancer that’s spread to the bone. They’re hoping that this work could be the foundation of new treatment options for secondary breast cancer.

Professor Kristijan Ramadan is investigating how triple negative breast cancer can become resistant to drugs called PARP inhibitors and what treatments we could use next.

Professor Nick Lakin and his PhD student want to find signs that breast cancer cells are becoming resistant to drugs called PARP inhibitors and find new weaknesses in tumours that don’t respond to these drugs.

Professor Elinor Sawyer is looking for new ways to tell which lobular breast cancer patients may benefit from personalised therapies. She believes the environment within and around the tumour may hold a clue.

Professor Ross Chapman’s project will help us better understand how changes in the BRCA1 gene make breast cancer more likely. It’ll also help unpick why some breast cancer cells develop resistance to PARP inhibitor drugs.