Professor Gerry Humphris will develop a new intervention to improve communication between radiographers and patients. This will ensure that patients’ anxieties are being addressed and reduce their fear that the cancer will return, improving their quality of life. with ER positive breast cancer can be prescribed anti-hormone treatment for five years or more to reduce the risk of recurrence, but many find it hard to complete the course. Dr Hughes’ team are developing a way to help people persist with their treatment.


For some patients with certain types of breast cancer, treatment with radiotherapy (x-ray treatment) and hormone therapy before surgery may reduce the need for mastectomies (removal of the whole breast) and allow breast conserving surgery (removal of a small part of the breast) instead. Reducing the need for mastectomies is likely to improve patient well-being.

Dr Fiona Kennedy will investigate the feasibility of an online resource to offer support to secondary breast cancer patients and help them to manage their symptoms with the ultimate aim of improving their overall quality of life.

Professor Diana Harcourt’s research will help women discuss their goals and priorities for breast reconstruction surgery with their surgeon.